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  • Eucharist

    Set in the multi cultural society of Perth, Western Australia, Eucharist is a unique story of diversities and contradictions. Dhul Fiquari is a young West Australian scientist, born of Iraqi parents. His best friend Josh is Jewish and born of Israeli parents. Dhul is also a pacifist and an idealist. A Roman Catholic priest, a Muslim Cleric and an unorthodox Jew are good friends of Dhul's father, also a Muslim. They form a quirky backdrop to Dhul's own journey, creating a mixture of love and hatred, peace and war. Events from distant shores impact on the community of Western Australia in ways never imagined and have disastrous effects on the lives of many. Dhul's peaceful nature is tested to the extreme and found wanting.

    1.2 MB • PDF File • 29 December 2012

  • Hemp Insider Magazine

    What's happening in Industrial hemp

    33 KB • HTML Document • 4 June 2012

  • The Growing Future

    North East Tasmania has undergone a significant downturn in its economy. The closure of Gunns' two sawmills has created unemployment and a lot of uncertainty to the region. This discussion paper shows how to use the area's resources, skill sets and perfect growing climate to create a new and sustainable future for the North East. New produce ideas, reuse of existing stocks and new an innovative manufacturing techniques can restore this beautiful corner of the world and prepare it well for a carbon-centric future. View it online as a page turning document or download the interactive pdf to view later.

    1.1 MB • PDF File • 15 June 2011


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