David Leigh  
  • Australia Could Lead the World

    1 December at 10:51 from atlas

    Reading the many fantastic renewable energy reports and articles from around the globe it has become obvious, to me at least, the world is getting on with the job of conversion to renewable energy.

    I could not help wondering what innovations have been established within Australia for solar energy, being as we have the most sunshine on Earth. I searched the data base of Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) in Dublin, to see what research clusters had sprung up around the globe. There are many, in each of the clean energy disciplines and in some of the most unlikely places. In Germany's "Solar Valley" for instance, the world's leading research centre for photovoltaic solar energy has been established. I found, under the heading of solar general, Australian Cleantech in Adelaide. They appear to be linked to the many diverse Cleantech organisations around the world and yet we do not appear to be making much headway in this country. From there, I was able to see quite a few distributors of solar equipment, form Germany. I am now on the path to find out what Australian manufactured goods are available. If anybody has any news on that score, please let me know.

    In the meantime, read this article by Felicia Jackson. http://goo.gl/ZVfgq


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