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    27 October at 11:37 from atlas

    Dear friends across Australia,

    Murdoch is working to discredit the media inquiry that we fought hard to win. We have just two days to flood the inquiry with public comments supporting media reform, and save this historic chance to clean up our media. Send your message now and forward to everyone:

    The media inquiry we fought hard to win is under threat -- Rupert Murdoch's newspapers are working to discredit and limit the investigation into his stranglehold on our media. But a flood of public comments from each of us will set an ambitious agenda and save the inquiry.

    Our media is broken. Murdoch owns 70% of Australia's newspapers and weak regulation lets him manipulate the news we read freely. This media inquiry is a once-in-a-generation chance to fix this and other problems with media independence -- it's why we campaigned tirelessly for months for this moment. One last push can stop Murdoch's attempt to weaken the investigation for good.

    But we only have two days to act. Send a personal message to the media inquiry and it will be entered into the public record -- pushing a wide agenda that includes Murdoch and his media monopoly. Then forward this message to everyone:


    Change is in the air -- Murdoch's power in the UK has collapsed with the phone hacking scandal, and across Australia there is strong public support for reform. This is the opportunity we've been waiting for, and Murdoch knows it.

    His papers are working overtime to discredit voices that threaten his power, calling the inquiry the "first step to totalitarianism" and doing what they can to keep the expert panel's purview as narrow as possible. But if enough of us speak out now, we can make sure the media inquiry makes recommendations to roll back the dangerous concentration of power crushing the diversity of our media.

    Avaaz members worked tirelessly to urge PM Gillard to go ahead with the inquiry. Now, a strong and far-reaching set of recommendations from the expert panel will create the political mandate for the government to save our media. These are within our grasp -- but only if they hear from us now. Send your message directly to the panel now, and forward widely:


    Earlier this year, Avaaz members helped win a media inquiry despite Murdoch's stiff opposition. In the UK, we forced Murdoch to drop his bid for a complete takeover of British broadcaster BSkyB. We've been taking on battles no one thought we could win and reclaiming the media space for informed public debate. Together we can make this inquiry a defining victory for press freedom and democracy in Australia and around the world.

    With hope,
    Stephanie, Laura, Brant, Paul, Emma, Ari, Ricken, Milena and the whole Avaaz team

    More information:

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